We are a couple of Autistic Albacete├▒os who are producing an indie animation in our spare time, so if the site catches your attention you have both our Youtube channel and Instagram to be more informed in the icons below next to a button of the website and a "Guestbook" to write your comments about the website or the project.

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05/13/24 Now I'm making changes to adapt the website to mobile because I think it will come in handy in the future, but I think it will be the best when we start to put things like the animatric or even the webcomic and prepare the ground for everything we want to do, for now is an early version because my mission is not to change the current style that is already on PC and adapt it to mobile (although is going to be very complicated), thank you very much for the wait and I hope to update you more here CHAO.

09/02/24 There is a new PATREON button (we know the logo is ugly) and as you have read before we have decided to change from Ko-fi to Patreon because our lore was touching some sensitive topics for some people and was against their guidelines related to topics like prostitution, terrorist groups and violent content, we know these are not easy topics and some platforms will not agree but I hope the change will be for the better in the future not only in the short film but in the webcomic, there is content already uploaded as updated character files and we will upload parts of the animatic for those interested, the webcomic will still be accessible for free as the short film but it is to help us monetarily.

30/01/24 After a month we have decided to put a TV in the Index to alternate between things that we upload such as the animatic which we are still working on.

03/01/24 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU, this year i would like to redo both the characters and the webcomic section as we have had a big change in the project for the better, as we are starting the production of an animatic, hopefully with voice actors and actresses, at the moment it will only be localized in spain with english subtitles, but in the future i hope there will be an english version so that more people can enjoy what my partner and i have created, while we work on the animatic I will be testing a new menu for the characters and update the webcomic section since there will be a total of 12 original chapters, if we see that people like the webcomic, we will think about making 6 OVAS for the project or at least that is our goal, thanks to all the new people who have visited our page and I hope this year will be a good one for everyone.

27/12/23 MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, we haven┬┤t put many things in the changelog because most of it is to update the pictures in illustrations but once we finish we will start with the "ANIMATIC"; thanks to all the people who have entered our website, HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
08/12/23 Due to the fact that my girlfriend has dislocated her shoulder she can't keep drawing as much time as she would like, so in illustrations there are 2 W.I.P.; the icon of Inna to change to Spanish is fixed because a mistake in the design that we overlooked, it is not much but it is an honest work.

03/12/23 New ilustration for a PSE political campaing in Spanish and English.

29/11/23 There are CHIBIS NOW to change language.

26/11/23 Now the icons that lead to HTMLs if you hover over them will be animated (it's not perfect but it's something).

24/11/23 New warning upon accessing the website, also you have the transcriptions in the "Characters" tab.

23/11/23 Now you have an icon to change the language of the page to English.

17/11/23 I have added an Animation which is in process.

13/11/23 Now the background changes when you go to the different tabs, my idea was to represent heaven and hell not what do you think but you can give your opinion in "Guestbook" just click on the image, I have also changed the index and organized some small things on the page.

10/11/23 I have added the Paypal icon to accept donations if you like the website or the project.

09/11/23 Now there are gifs both in the screen of Carcel de Locos and in animations, the "Story" has been changed to "Synopsis" in the main page with the new tab "Webcomics" where we will upload in the future the webcomics which are already written and only need to draw them, also has been added a "Guestbook" for you to leave your comments and opinions about the website.

07/11/23 Now there is a background made with Bryce 5.5 to give contrast with blues to its red counterpart.

06/11/23 The last character sheet has been added (Adam and Eve) and also the HTML of the "Characters" has been changed with the detention sheets of the 3 main characters (still need to put a few details but it would be an early version of the main page).

03/11/23 The character cards have been added under "Illustrations" along with the first illustration and the descriptions have been updated under "Characters".

31/10/23 The "LORE" tab has been added.

30/10/23 I have made a rework of the menu and I think it is now much cleaner, I have also uploaded things in characters but I just need to decorate it with CSS.

29/10/23 The site is already open, there is nothing yet but I hope to improve it and add content.