Inna Shànina


Inmate Inna Shànina Sánchez, 45 years old, native of Albacity, assigned in module nº 5 and with ID number 65.

Psychiatric condition:

Apart from the fact that he suffers from retinitis pigmentosa which limits his vision, she can't see 3 on a donkey, she has also forgotten part of the events due to previous drug use. Inna has autism, which makes her act like a retard with certain withdrawn attitudes, which leads her to overthink everything and not understand certain social behaviors, but she shows a great intellect in the field of security and mastery of firearms or bladed weapons, being a former head of the G.A.L.

For this reason, she was sentenced to 200 years in prison for the crimes of:

Article 140 paragraph 3º assassination of the P.S.E. Prime Minister.

Article 498 By assassinating him, he prevented him from going to his party's meeting.

Article 564 paragraph 1º and 3º has in its possession an illegally modified weapon without factory markings identification or numbers of a Makarov pistol.

Article 572 paragraph 1º suspicion that the murderer was part of the dismantled anti-terrorist group G.A.L.

Mirelle Mackenzie


Inmate Mirelle Mackenzie, 35 years old, native of New Lanark (Escocia), assigned in module nº 5 and with ID number 66.

Psychiatric condition:

She claims to see and hear a giant rabbit that forced her to kill his butler, but it is probably due to a psychotic episode due to her paranoid schizophrenia; which could have been due to the murder of her husband the prime minister, should be monitored every hour and receive pills to reduce the effects.

Only let her out of the cell at mealtimes and for personal hygiene, there should be an auxiliary guard with her at all times, it may be tempting to go in and see her naked, but I wouldn't stick my dick in someone who is missing several screws or the entire hardware store.

For this reason, she was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the crimes of:

Article 139, paragraph 3º Murders his butler with a knife repeatedly in the chest.

Article 318 bis paragraph 1 His butler of Latin American origin was introduced illegally where he was paid to live in his residence doing household chores, surely it was the Prime Minister's idea but being the only one alive and belonging to the family nucleus she is also guilty.

Adán Jenkyll


Inmate Adán Jenkyll Azurmendi Anatusai Galan, 27 years old, native of Guipuzcua, assigned in module nº 5 and with ID number 67..

Psychiatric condition:

He kept repeating his full name and did not carry any documentation, only a picture of the prime minister with a time and place where he had to make the terrorist attack, he is probably a member of E.T.A. but he did not want to tell us anything else.

He suffers from psychopathic tendencies by explaining in the smallest detail in repeated interviews that the lifeless body of Marcos Fernandez Cerro is just the beginning of his plan to save us all; he may think he is the new Jesus Christ of the Smurfs but this midget has got me up to my balls, he won't shut up even under water.

For this reason, she was sentenced to 100 years in prison for the crimes of:

Article 140, paragraph 3º Assassination of Officer Marcos Fernandez Cerro.

Article 173, section 1º Torture the lifeless body of a Guardia Civil officer before it was delivered at the door of the command with the detainee blaming himself.

Article 461, section 1º Giving false testimony of facts that had been previously premeditated.

Article 564, paragraph 1º and 3º He had with him a silenced "Welrod" pistol, most likely purchased on the black market.